1 /'prIti/ adverb (+ adj/adv) spoken
1 fairly, though not completely: I'm pretty sure he'll say yes. | Life on the farm was pretty tough.
—see rather
2 very: It's pretty hard to see how we'll manage.
3 pretty well also pretty much very nearly; almost: I'd say that's pretty well impossible. | “How is he feeling today?” “Pretty much the same.”
4 pretty near especially AmE almost: That bout of pneumonia pretty near killed Roy.
—see also: be sitting pretty sit (6) 2 adjective prettier, prettiest
1 a woman or child who is pretty is good-looking in an ordinary way: Susan's certainly a pretty girl, but I wouldn't call her beautiful. | Maria looks much prettier with her hair cut short.
2 something that is pretty is pleasant to look at or listen to without being very beautiful or impressive: a pretty dress | a pretty tune | What a pretty little garden!
3 a boy who is pretty looks attractive in a way that is typical of a girl: She said,“Oh Nick's the pretty one really.”
4 not a pretty sight often humorous very unpleasant to look at: After a night's drinking, Al was not a pretty sight.
5 not just a pretty face humorous spoken to have qualities or abilities as well as an attractive appearance: I'm not just a pretty face, you know!
6 come to a pretty pass old-fashioned used to say that a very bad situation has developed: Things have come to a pretty pass, if you can't say what you think without causing a fight.
7 cost a pretty penny old-fashioned to cost a lot of money
8 pretty as a picture very pretty
9 pretty pretty BrE spoilt by too much pretty decoration
— prettily adverb: Charlotte sang very prettily. — prettiness noun: U

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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